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A Complete Guide to the Absolute Shawarma Franchise in India

Absolute Shawarma has had tremendous growth in recent years. Shawarma, as one of the most popular meals in India, is expected to grow steadily over the years. Accordingly, owning a shawarma franchise in India with the help of a big brand name like “Absolute Shawarma” would be an excellent way for an entrepreneur to get started. The brand’s mission is to provide high-quality service to its customers at reasonable prices, which is something that every brand strives for nowadays. Are you thinking of opening an Absolute Shawarma franchise? Let’s take a look at how to start an Absolute Shawarma Franchise Business.

What are the Brand’s Capabilities?

– Started in 2017 in India’s Silicon City Bangalore

– 50+ outlets in 12+ cities across India

– Complete Store Implementation, Consultation & Support

– Dedicated Backend Team who are experienced in Lifetime Training & Support

– Quality and Hygienic Food Resulting in happy and returning customers

Why Choose the Absolute Shawarma Franchise?

– Low investment opportunity

– 55% Gross & 25% Net Margins

– 50+ Outlets in 8+ States and We Keep Growing.

– Outlet Setup Support

– Operational Support

– Food supplies

– Manpower Training and Support

– Minimum Royalty

– Unique Taste Developed Inhouse

– Resulting in Recurring Customers

Who can own an Absolute Shawarma franchise?

– A Person with a strong desire to succeed as an entrepreneur Person looking to launch a startup ventures with a well-known brand in the industry Person with entrepreneurial excellence and strong managerial skills.

– A person should be well qualified to serve the given purpose.

What Training & Support Does Brand Offer?

– Transfer of business concept know-how through initial and ongoing training and provision of material, operating manual, software, and literature

– Provision of a full set of operating manuals including pre-opening and day-to-day operations

– Technical support concerning customized store designs and layouts

– Supply of lists and specifications of equipment, furniture fixtures, and fittings

– Assistance in the development of a launch marketing program and annual marketing plan

– Provision of management, operational, technical advice, and guidance

– Visits to the franchised territory for management & financial review

– Business analysis and evaluation based on historical sales

– Provision of ongoing training as and when agreed between the parties

– Continuous market research, development, and introduction of relevant products

– Continuous update of operational manuals

In conclusion, starting a franchise with Absolute Shawarma in India requires an investment of approximately 2-5 lakhs with Zero Royalty Fees and attractive Returns on Investment. Franchising with Absolute Shawarma is the most suitable option for anyone who wishes to start a food venture.

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